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You can learn more about Cooking and Heating Spares Ltd products by browsing through the product web pages of our website or by contacting our customer service team. For information about how to obtain specific quality certificates for our products, please contact our customer service team.

We have a large skip on site, we are aware that disposal of your rubbish from installation work  can be a problem, therefore at the managements discretion, we allow the use of our skip for the disposal of your rubbish, paper, cardboard, asbestos, fridges and the like are not allowed, and all rubble etc must be in rubble sacks, the charge is £3.50 per bag, larger items like bathroom suites will unfortunately have to be charged at £15 due to the space required in the skip, our aim is only to recover the cost of the skip, not to make profit from it, if you have bought the installation materials from us, management will determine the charge of your rubbish disposal at a more favorable rate.

You have nothing to lose by giving us a try, unlike some merchants we do not change the rates you are charged depending on whether your face fits, we don't undercut everybody else on the boiler simply to get you through the door and then overcharge you for your tube and fittings, we don't currently have any other branches, but if we did, our system will only allow the same discounted prices that you receive on our Rawtenstall counter, in many cases we will be cheaper for the consumable which you are often charged more for at other merchants in order to make up the losses made on the boiler.

On the consumables side, plumbing, gas and oil installers products are likely to be on the shelf, if not, it can be obtained next day with 99% certainty, panel radiators in most sizes 300 x 2000, 400, 500 & 600 x 3000, 700 x 1800 & 900 x 1200 being the largest, if not in stock can be in stock next day, most boilers can be in stock next day, most bathroom suites, wet room products etc can be in stock within 5 days.

You can hire our Kamco power-flushing machine, or our Magnacleanse filters, or both from the counter, the Kamco is available (pre-booked) for £60 per day, the filter is available for £60 per day, or for the more idealistic, both can be hired for £100 per day, including Jetflow x800 or Sentinel x 300 and SM1 Inhibitor, you will need personal id to hire these machines.

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